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5 Benefits of Working With Merchant ReFi for Merchant Finance

By January 1, 2020No Comments

When it comes to finding working capital, you want to get merchant finance from a company you can trust. Traditional banks are an option, of course, but they typically have strict requirements and a slow approval and funding process. 

With a company like Merchant ReFi, on the other hand, you have everything you need — and you can often get approval and funding within a couple of days or even a few hours. Keep reading to learn the benefits of working with us for merchant finance, and then contact us with questions or begin the online application today.

We Understand Business Owners

We’ve been a merchant cash advance company and working in the business-funding industry since 2008. In this time, we’ve learned a lot about businesses and how they work. In fact, the majority of our staff and partners have been business owners themselves! This offers us a unique understanding of the everyday operations of a business and means we understand just how important it is to get access to fast and easy working capital.

No Collateral Required

Different than traditional business loans, our cash advance program does not require any collateral. Instead, our merchant advance involves automatically taking a small percentage of your credit card transactions or automatically taking a fixed amount from your account until the borrowed amount is fully repaid. You don’t have to put your business or home on the line as collateral.

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We Have a Rewards Program

Business owners work hard, and we’re here to make sure you get rewarded for all the hard work! We view ourselves as more than a merchant cash advance company; we’re also your partner in this process. Right now, our rewards program qualifies you for 10,000 United MileagePlus® bonus award miles when you work with us for merchant finance.

Our Clients Are Happy

Everything we do is for our clients. Every day, we get to help small businesses grow, and we love it. Our testimonials show just how satisfied our clients are with our business capital loans, business term loans, merchant advances, and other forms of merchant finance. Check out the reviews for yourself and see if you could benefit from “the most trustworthy and honest people in the industry” — their words, not ours.

Our Process is Quick, Free, and Easy

And, finally, the process for getting merchant finance from Merchant ReFi is quick, free, and easy! You simply fill out our online application and one of our many agents will be ready to help you at the click of a button. We know there’s a lot on your plate as a business owner, so we aim to make the merchant cash and capital process as pain-free, fast, and transparent as possible. 

Access Merchant Finance Today

As we said, we’ve been helping business owners since 2008 — and we’d love to help you with merchant finance next. Check out the following blog posts for more information and inspiration:

Here at Merchant ReFi, we’re known as a merchant cash advance company that has its clients’ interests in mind. If you’re searching “how to find working capital,” then just know that you’ve found it in us. We have many options available for merchant finance, and our helpful staff can help you determine what’s right for you and your business. Contact us today with questions or get started on the online application for merchant finance.

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