Merchant Refi is a direct funder specializing in fast working capital for small and medium-sized businesses.

We offer Term Loans and Equipment Leasing. Our easy payback options include Credit-Card Processing Splits and Daily, Weekly, or Monthly payment options for businesses that do not process credit cards. Our premium programs include traditional bank loan products. If you qualify, we go as low as 9% over a five year term.

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Why Merchant ReFi?

Unlike regular loans, our cash advance product does NOT require any collateral or incur interest. The advance is automatically paid for by taking a small percentage of your credit card transactions or by a fixed ACH debited to your bank account until it is fully paid. Applying is quick, free, and easy! Simply fill out the form above to get started. Our friendly staff is always ready to help!

Our Mission

Our programs are diverse and flexible. We are able to leverage your future sales, in order to give you the money you need now.

How Does it Work?

1. Apply

Fill out our form to start the qualification process.

2. Review

One of our agents will review your application and get you the best rate available.

3. Approved

Receive working capital for business and earn 10,000 bonus award miles.

Earn 10,000 United MileagePlus® bonus award miles with any qualifying Merchant ReFi advance

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The United MileagePlus miles earned by funding with Merchant ReFi can only be received by the persons signing the agreement for funding. The name of the recipient(s) must match the name of the persons signing for the agreement, and the miles may not be earned by any other persons within the respective organization. The miles will be earned by the recipient(s) one time for completing funding, and will be sent out within 6-8 weeks of funding. If there are any questions about this please contact Merchant ReFi support at (844) 737-7334, and not United MileagePlus.