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3 Business Lending Options For All Credit Scores

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Whether you’re looking for SBA loans for women, fast small business loans, business equipment financing, or another form of business lending, Merchant ReFi can help.

We believe that all business owners should have access to long-term funding. While we recognize that this may not always be an immediate option, we strive to make it possible through our business lending options and our methods that will help you work toward affordable long-term funding.

In today’s blog and video, we’re going to discuss three business lending options to help you get there. If you’re in need of business lending, then apply with Merchant ReFi today to get started — we’re a merchant cash advance company with more than 10 years of experience.

Credit Repair Arm or Build

Our goal is to address the immediate funding needs for business owners of all credit worthiness. While you may find yourself researching “how to apply for a small business loan” and doubting that you’ll ever get a business cash advance, loan, or business line of credit because of a low credit score, then Merchant ReFi could be the solution.

With our credit repair arm or build, we offer you a super affordable way to improve your credit score and gain access to capital. Even if you have a poor business credit history and a FICO® score as low as 520, we can help you with our credit repair arm.

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Cash Advance

As a business owner trying to access capital and get your business off the ground, we’re sure you’ve suffered from what can sometimes be a downward spiral of loans. Before you know it, you’re overwhelmed with the number of loans you have, and getting out of the spiral is difficult.

With a business cash advance from Merchant ReFi, you can access $20,000 to $100,000 over a period of six to nine months. This allows you to get immediate funding, escape from the cycle of loans, and work toward a long-term funding solution.

Two-Tier Credit Repair

Our credit repair portion of business lending is what will ultimately help you to succeed and eventually access long-term funding. We offer two tiers for credit repair:

  • $595 for personal credit repair
  • $2,250 for personal and business credit repair, along with business loan prep to help you get an SBA loan

Here at Merchant ReFi, we partner with the most credible sources that have proven their worth to clients in the credit repair space. Your credit repair will involve everything from business and personal credit monitoring to FICO-based inquiry optimizations.

Get Access To Business Funding Today

Business lending doesn’t have to be difficult or predatory when you work with Merchant ReFi. Check out some of our business lending and financing options:

When you need business lending, you need to work with a company you can trust. Apply with Merchant ReFi today to get started — your business is waiting.

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