Debt Consolidation

Merchant ReFi can payoff your current debt and get you a lower rate with more time to pay, plus United MileagePlus® bonus award miles.

  • Fast, easy, and 100% secure
  • Merchant ReFi will help you choose the right option for your needs
  • We’ll help keep your money in your pocket and increase your cashflow
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How Does It Work?

Merchant ReFi consolidates all of your current loans and pays off existing debt, leaving you with just one payment at a much lower rate.

One easy payment through Merchant Refi

Merchant ReFi can cut your payment in half and give you more time to pay, increasing your cashflow and earning you 10,000 United MilagePlus bonus award miles.

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Our Easy Process

1. Apply

Fill out our form to start the qualification process.

2. Review

One of our agents will review your application and get you the best rate available.

3. Approved

Receive working capital for your business and 10,000 bonus award miles.

Earn 10,000 United MileagePlus bonus award miles with any qualifying Merchant ReFi advance

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Merchant ReFi is the only Funding Company to offer a comprehensive Rewards Program with fast working capital.

Get an advance, consolidate your debt or refinance your current loan and earn 10,000 United MileagePlus bonus award miles.

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The United MileagePlus miles earned by funding with Merchant ReFi can only be received by the persons signing the agreement for funding. The name of the recipient(s) must match the name of the persons signing for the agreement, and the miles may not be earned by any other persons within the respective organization. The miles will be earned by the recipient(s) one time for completing funding, and will be sent out within 6-8 weeks of funding. If there are any questions about this please contact Merchant ReFi support at (844) 737-7334, and not United MileagePlus